Dream house, dream life, yeah right. Dream on…

Grown ups please apply.

Tomorrow I get to  take my new  homeowner’s insurance policy for a test run. Which of course means instead of operating under Mum’s no excess pensioner policy I get to fork out at least $100 that I can’t afford.  Meanwhile tonight I get to try to sleep in my bed with  a piece of cardboard between me and the storm raging outside. The rugs are up off the floor, the floor has been vacced about 20 times and washed once. The bed has been completely stripped and remade. First I went over the  doona with  strips of packing tape to  collect all the tiny slivers of glass. I’m not sure I’ll  ever feel  safe in my room again. Heaven knows when I’ll  feel it is safe to go barefoot around the bed again.

This evening I was sitting at the computer when the window beside me suddenly slammed shut (stupid metal framed windows that have got loose over the years and won’t stay open.)After a very  muggy and unpleasant day the wind had finally swung around, with a vengeance. I closed the window and got up to  close the others against the  pelting rain. My bedroom windows were both open in an attempt to  air the room. I was one step away from reaching the window when it slammed shut and shattered. Thank  goodness there were shoes on the other side of the room because I was of course barefoot (and barelegged so that next step could have been disastrous if I’d moved a little faster). I spent the next  90 mins cleaning up  glass and trying to  wedge  a piece of cardboard across the gap while dodging the rain. My bed is not close to  the window, so I was really surprised to not only find  specks of glass on the bed, but on the other side of it too!

I’m just waiting for the next one – this is the second window to break (the other one is still in it’s frame, just cracked through) in a fortnight. Ironically one is my current bedroom which when Mum had it she rarely opened the bottom window (maybe this is why), and the other is the room that was my bedroom for 36 years – where I always had the windows open and never managed to  break one until I moved out.


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Dream house, dream life, yeah right. Dream on...

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