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Tour Time: The ‘um’ room

My first memory of living in this house was the night we moved in, walking in on a cold wet winter’s night after a long car trip from our old house and Dad (who had come earlier with the furniture) was sitting in an easy chair in front of a roaring fire. We’d never had an open fire before and I loved it.

Unfortunately, the chimney design sucked (or more to the point, didn’t suck) and so regularly smoked us out if the wind changed), so over the years we gradually stopped using the fireplace.

A few months ago, trying to work out how to keep the house I decided I had to let out some bedrooms. Since I was using them all this meant some major reorganisation.

My first thought was to stay put in my little bedroom and tiny study and move the salon into the spare room and let out the lounge and master bedroom.

Then I decided I could get more money letting 3 small rooms than 1 or 2 larger rooms. So, the contents of my tightly organised and packed study would need to move into the large, open, loungeroom, a room with no morning sun, a hearth and a fireplace and essentially no walls.  This meant finding room for walls of books and folders, boxes of beads and assorted craft stuff, a desk and shelves full of scrapbooking supplies, a table (that my father built) from the sunroom, and the myriad of office supplies that any self respecting stationery junkie always has on hand.

Later, I decided that the salon really didn’t earn itself a bedroom of its own and had to move into the lounge too.

So, if youy’re looking for something, it’s probably in the um lounge, I mean the new study um, ah, that is the salon, or  the um craft room.Actually, right at the moment I probably have no idea where it is!

The um, study, from the library/hall


The wall colours are Dulux Azure Blue, and White Duck half.

The book nook. Can't wait to get the fireplace working again this winter.


The craft corner. Not sure what I have planned to deal with this mess.

The salon corner

Tour Time: The old study

I’m  devastated. I’ve just discovered that apparently I don’t have any photos of the study  before I dismantled it. I have pics of the process to  put it together, but none of the ‘finished’ product of the last year or so.

My study used to be my sister’s bedroom. It was the first room where I got smart and picked the curtain fabric first, then used it to find the paint colours instead of trying to  find something to go with the walls. Of course, after trying literally dozens of paint samples I ended up using the same “Swiss Muesli” that is in the sunroom, but it’s the thought process that counts, right?

A few years ago I bought a new printer and discovered I had  something like 14  different  surfaces in the study and none that would fit the printer. So I built a desk across one wall and a return down the other, fitting them around file cabinets and bookshelves. I built DVD shelves behind the door that fitted my CDs, my VHS and my DVDs, as well as my laptop.. The shelves I built on the walls were made to  fit my  recipe folders, my  trade paperbacks, my  family tree folders, etc. The wardrobe and old library trolley were FULL of craft stuff.

Every millimetre of that room was organised and used. As I sit here in my new study and wonder where on earth  the crystal tabs and spare tapes for the label printer might be, I really miss it.

Here’s what I gave up:


A lot of stuff for a room that barely makes 2m x 3m. 🙂 It took more than 14 reflex boxes just to empty the dvd shelves.








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