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I’m not distracted…oooh look sparkly

I need to work out a way to write without looking at the net. I’m sitting here watching Queen perform at Wembley because while writing a post I checked facebook, saw a link to a guy with two kermit puppets ‘singing’ Under Pressure which led me to watching something like five versions of the original. That of course led me to rereading Wikipedia about Queen and Wembley and then to watching more videos and.. well maybe tomorrow I’ll have a new post.

what happens if dynabolts have to be pulled out of old brick and mortar walls

Tomorrows tasks are to put another layer of plaster into the holes I made today pulling the shelves off the wall, patch the ceiling, maybe sand back the skirting boards, and then paint the ceiling. I bought one of those thick one coat ceiling paints. Hope it works, I HATE doing ceilings.

Sandy circles


The sound I make every time I move.

Thursday a man comes to sand back the lounge (new study), hall and main bedroom floors. Today I have scraped plaster out of cracks (ohh soooo many cracks) in the walls and ceilings, filled them, and sanded them back. The hall and the lounge are waiting for the morning so I can see what I’m doing) to be sanded.

Then I have to apply the world’s fastest coats of ceiling paint. Then there are more staples to be pulled out of the floors. Someone said I was making progress. I wish I could see it. All I can see is mess. There is nowhere to sit or stand that isn’t piled with stuff. After the floors are sanded I have to varnish them. After they are varnished it is still weeks before I can move furniture onto them.

Meanwhile I can’t empty rooms or get the uni in to assess my accommodation or get students in here to pay the mortgage. And I’m spending time plastering cracks between cupboards and walls in halls that no one will ever notice. In fact 90% of visitors to the house couldn’t tell you there was a cupboard there, let alone that the side of it was cracked! What am I doing???

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Dream house, dream life, yeah right. Dream on...


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