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5 minute mantle

I’ve seen a lot of posts of some very intricate Christmas decorating on line. Lots of mantlepieces too, mostly a very different style to my 1950s modern house.  Most years I’m very into Christmas, but this year it just seems too hard. I did drag a few decorations out for a meeting last night so I thought I’d share my 2 minute mantle (or mantel if you’re American)


Yes, just a tangle of lime green tinsel with some silver,  teal blue and lime green balls and bells sitting on it.I love it, especially at night.


And absolutely no one who knows me is surprised it has lights in it (or that they have a remote control so I can turn them on before I get to the room 🙂

What’s your favourite piece of decorating this year?




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Dream house, dream life, yeah right. Dream on...


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