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White Measles

I looked in the mirror this morning and discovered I have white measles. Well  Stalactite white measles to be exact. They have even infected my glasses!  I HATE painting ceilings.
I was also under the delusion that the living room ceiling was white. One good thing about cream tinted paint is it makes it very easy to see where you’ve missed a bit. The bad thing about painting over cream tinted paint is it makes it very easy to see where you’ve missed a bit 4 hours later….
Which raises the question of ‘how good does it have to be?’ I look at the ceiling (of course after two days of staring up while scraping out the myriad of cracks, plastering them, sanding them smooth and then painting, the ceiling is all I can see (through the paint specks), I’m not sure my neck bends down any more,) and I see flaws. Roller marks, brush marks near a light fitting, bits that were over rolled, the bit I had to  touch up later to cover the cream… Will anyone else notice them, or is it just because it’s the brightest cleanest thing in the room that I spend all my  time staring at it at the moment?  I never claimed to  be a professional painter. And I’ve had to paint around the furniture. It’s hard to keep all the roller strokes running the same direction when you have tables and chairs piled around the room to run into and  light fittings to work around.  When I have occasional moments of clarity I hit myself over the head with the fact that it is a lathe and plaster ceiling. It’s not straight. It’s not level. It is never ever going to look like a modern plaster board roof. Never. But it is done now!

I have  running filtered water in the laundry! Since it never really runs cold at this time of year it’s actually very handy to  fill  the bottles in the fridge. What’s more it’s installed and (touch wood) it doesn’t leak. I only had to  take it apart  twice to  get it to  that stage (thanks for not including any instructions on how to actually attach the hoses to the filter, guys! They might be a fitting you’re familiar with, but I had to  work it out by trial and wet error.)

In the process of putting everything back in the cupboards under the sink after having the place bug sprayed on Monday I did a little rearranging. All my life the rubbish bin has sat on the floor –  first in the laundry, and then in a recessed bit under the bench in the kitchen. It’s the first thing I see as I walk in – and since I bought a new stainless steel one last year, all I notice is how dirty it looks (even when it’s clean!) I was theorising to  my sister  the other day about one day putting the bin in the cupboard beside the sink – tossing the wire bottomed drawers that are currently there (for storing root vegies, which I don’t store because they always start growing) and swapping the hinges so it opens to  the sink and putting in one of those  bins that opens as you  open the door. Well  today I tossed the drawers outside and put the pedal bin in the cupboard. And it works. LOL. Well it works when I remember where the bin is. The amazing thing is the kitchen looks huge without the bin in the corner. Going to put some shelves where the bin was and put doors on it – Yay extra cupboard!

The trek for water

So, the question is, ‘how far am I willing to  walk for fresh water?’ The water here in Tasmania is generally lovely. However a few years ago I caught  giardia while  only drinking tap water. Over the years the taste of our tap water has changed too,  so for years I’ve been using  a water filter. A jug to begin with, then for the last couple of years a benchtop cooler filter.  I seemed to spend more time filling both of them than drinking it, even when it was only me drinking it (I’ve never had a problem drinking my  8 glasses a day). Then a few months ago I noticed the benchtop cooler had a lot of algae in the inner  fridge tank –  where even a pipe cleaner couldn’t shift it. They are all built so you can’t clean the inner  storage area –  insane. So  I tossed it. I finally got around to  ordering a PSI underbench filter. I could install it myself the seller told me-  easy, all  the instructions come with it.

So, add a tap to the sink – shouldn’t be that hard. I knew just where I wanted it, opposite the existing tap (double drainer single sink). Except when I started rummaging under the snk, there’s a built in part of the cupboard there. I could cut out a bit of cupboard and put it in blind up  behind the sink…  I think. Or I could put it  in the laundry. In the laundry I’d only be cutting through  laminex and chipboard, not stainless steel (so I could return unopened the $58 drill bit I had to  get to cut the sink!) The area I would put it is open to  view, the filter can mount on the back wall without  having to move much…All I have to  do  is get over the stupid aversion to  drinking from the laundry tap –  which dates back to when we first moved in and the laundry taps were old ones that didn’t even have filters on them, on old pipes –  we were told not to drink from them. Those taps and pipes are long gone. In fact when Mum and I redid the kitchen (did I mention the laundry is at one end of the kitchen?) we replaced the old metal  trough with  a circular sink and a mixer tap. It has often been used as the ‘bar’ when entertaining.

So, am I willing to  walk from the kitchen sink (where the glasses are) to the other end of the kitchen (right by the fridge actually) for  filtered water, or am I going to try to pull apart a cupboard that could be used as a nuclear shelter?


Name that feature

Did you  know it is next to  impossible to  research how to  do  something yourself when you  don’t know  what   the somehting you  want to do  is called?

I want to  put a back on my  kitchen  bench that only  goes about  30cm higher than the existing bench then has a small  benchtop ‘ledge’ on it. Anyone know how to  find pics of it or a name?

I am  getting back into  the renos now Xmas is over. Today I bought a new  microwave and knocked out the most useless shelf ever created in the kitchen. Tomorrow I’m  going to  see if I can  find a way to  mount it then I’ll  show pics. Amazing the change in the kitchen  just moving it off the bench it’s been on for  decades. I have all my front window back, and handy  oven side benchtop  space!

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