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Hard to  believe that this time 37 years ago I was, well I was probably asleep  in bed, no way did I get to  stay up  after 8  as a kid. But When I went to  bed it was knowing it would be the last sleep  in the only house I’d ever known as home. I don’t remember being that  upset about it. I was nervous about a new school and sad about leaving  school  friends, but  the new house had a lawn. A huge lawn that didn’t get dug up  every year to  plant tomatoes or dahlias. Also  I got my own bedroom, no more sharing with  the messy baby sister. It was a huge house, at least twice the floorspace of where we had been. I guess my love affair with this house started that month. I remember  sitting watching the rain (wettest winter in many decades) through the HUGE windows,  splashing around the half acre of  trees and chook shed and carports and wood shed and all sorts of interesting places to  explore without even  venturing out the gate.  I especially remember that I could barely see across the countertops in the kitchen (remember that when I post what I’ve just done in the kitchen next week 😉 and sitting on the  floor of the unfurnished living room in the winter sun next to  the roll of new carpet waiting to  be laid, playing knuckles.

Independence Day has always been  special in this household.  ID37 is the first one where it’s MY house. Not sure I actually believe that most of the time. Happy Anniversary to me 😉

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Dream house, dream life, yeah right. Dream on...


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