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Tour Time: The ‘um’ room

My first memory of living in this house was the night we moved in, walking in on a cold wet winter’s night after a long car trip from our old house and Dad (who had come earlier with the furniture) was sitting in an easy chair in front of a roaring fire. We’d never had an open fire before and I loved it.

Unfortunately, the chimney design sucked (or more to the point, didn’t suck) and so regularly smoked us out if the wind changed), so over the years we gradually stopped using the fireplace.

A few months ago, trying to work out how to keep the house I decided I had to let out some bedrooms. Since I was using them all this meant some major reorganisation.

My first thought was to stay put in my little bedroom and tiny study and move the salon into the spare room and let out the lounge and master bedroom.

Then I decided I could get more money letting 3 small rooms than 1 or 2 larger rooms. So, the contents of my tightly organised and packed study would need to move into the large, open, loungeroom, a room with no morning sun, a hearth and a fireplace and essentially no walls.  This meant finding room for walls of books and folders, boxes of beads and assorted craft stuff, a desk and shelves full of scrapbooking supplies, a table (that my father built) from the sunroom, and the myriad of office supplies that any self respecting stationery junkie always has on hand.

Later, I decided that the salon really didn’t earn itself a bedroom of its own and had to move into the lounge too.

So, if youy’re looking for something, it’s probably in the um lounge, I mean the new study um, ah, that is the salon, or  the um craft room.Actually, right at the moment I probably have no idea where it is!

The um, study, from the library/hall


The wall colours are Dulux Azure Blue, and White Duck half.

The book nook. Can't wait to get the fireplace working again this winter.


The craft corner. Not sure what I have planned to deal with this mess.

The salon corner


Surprise! Big surprise today – the guy sanding the floors trimmed back the bit of carpet in the doorway between the lounge/new study and the living room and the board under it was polished. Strange, I remember when we pulled all the old carpet out and laid this one 14 years ago, but I have no memory of the living room being polished. I knew the sunroom and small bedrooms were polished, because Mum and Dad had them carpeted soon after we moved in. I knew the lounge and hall and bedroom that I’ve just stripped had carpet on them from the beginning (it was still there when we moved in – mushroom in the bedroom and lounge, gold in the living room and hall,) but I simply don’t remember the living room having been polished under the carpet. This is the best news. Now if I can just find an economic way to line the ceiling of the downstairs flat to cut the noise I can strip up the rest of the carpets and simply buff the floors, no need for deep sanding like the unfinished boards received today.

For once this house has a surprise for me that doesn’t mean spending more money and more time and making even  simple jobs complicated.




So many ideas, so little brain

I swear my head will explode one day soon. Probably tomorrow, I hear that’s the new ‘use before’ date on the planet. Of course the world would end the day AFTER I finally commit and spend the day ripping up carpets, pulling staples from the floors and generally moving every book in the house twice.

The main bedroom floor has to be polished – by the time I took out the built in bed (no carpet underneath it), cut around the new ensuite, took out the built in dressing table (another bare spot) and then moved my new bed into a different spot in the room it was jsut going to look too weird. Besides, I LOVE polished wood floors.If the flat wasn’t directly below the living room, separated only by the carpet and underlay and a thin layer of some sort of precursor to plasterboard that looks like hard felt, then I’d have that carpet up in a moment. As it is – some sort of insulation will have to be installed before I dare go bare in that room. Anyone with proven soundproofing in a ceiling? Seems the only thing people can agree on in the topic is that it is going to cost $$$.

So I get quotes to polish the bedroom floor (5m x 4m room) which I’ve already pulled the carpet off and taken out all the tack board and nails. 4 quotes later I pull myself off the floor and ask if the rate would be better if I was doing more? Turns out it would. Also turns out I can save a heap by doing the varnishing myself. Quite frankly if I thought I could get the drum sander in and out of the car I’d be doing that bit too. Finally yesterday I found a young guy who will sand the bedroom, the lounge (future study) and the front hall for only $200 more than the first quote I had for sanding a single room.

So today we pulled up the carpet in the lounge /hall and after crawling around under the house (where no woman has ever been before) I discovered (well I had pointed out to me) that several of my brick foundation pillars were sitting there quite unattached to the floor joists they are supposed to be supporting. Using scraps of timber lying around we managed to fix that (so nice to have a friend’s husband who knows what he’s doing, and who can use a pinch bar to lift the whole house up while I shove wedges under it!) Not sure how well I’m going to do alone when I go back under to see why the floor seems to drop away from the skirting in the middle of the window and to see if I can get under the front door and fix that squeak. However, I’ve just been dancing around in my totally empty lounge/study and not hearing a single squeak. Unlike this morning when it sounded like a deaf violin orchestra tuning up every time you approached the doorway.

I was going to tell you some of the myriad of ideas that occurred to me today – everything from colours for skirting boards to what to decorate the walkway with and to how make a porch for the front door.

Mostly though, isn’t it amazing how different an empty room is? It’s like blank paper and stationery shops – so full of promise and opportunity. While spinning around my newly empted carpetless lounge room on an office chair today (what? you think you wouldn’t when confronted with a huge smooth surface? LOL) I completely changed the intended layout for that room. The nail salon part has swapped sides, bookcases have moved, cupboards have moved. I hope it all fits because it felt so right when I sat there and thought “this feels like a salon”. The other side of the room felt like a cell.

Now I need to fall into bed – of course I chose to do all this heavy work (yesterday was spent shoving boxes of stuff around and sorting mountains of clothes for vac packing) and my sister had to move house TODAY. It was 30ish C yesterday didn’t get below 22 last night until after 2am *insert insomniac emoticon here*, it was too hot to sleep and today was 22 by 9am and didn’t cool down until after 4. It’s October for crying out loud. What on earth is summer going to be like if this is spring?

Photos soon!


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