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Insects in the living room

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t alone just so something would move or happen when it wasn’t me doing it. An elf would be handy.

A month before I started on the room of hell downstairs, I decided something had to be done about the buffet. This cabinet/buffet/console,  whatever you like to call it, was the garage sale find of my life. Having missed out on one for $120 that needed a LOT of work,  when I asked the price of this one at a sale I only called into on the spur of the moment, I wasn’t expecting a price tag of $60. And they had a ute and delivered (it was only a suburb away). It then sat in the carport for months  because I really wanted to stain it darker to get rid of the 80’s pine look. (And I will one day, especially when I pull up the carpet and reveal the light Tas Oak floors under it. Meanwhile last Christmas I decided it was good enough to use while it waited for it’s makeover so it came inside.

2012DEC12 Loatta 046

The problem was it sat empty all year because everything I wanted to store inside looked messy behind clear glass. (I really wanted to store the tablecloths and mats and assorted decor. So in September I lifted the glass out of the doors and searched   for my glass paints (a story in itself –  note to self: Don’t move things without leaving a note of where I’ve stored them)

2013OCT14 002

I drew up a couple of designs and started outlining them with the leading paint.This was hard on the hands, and I ended up peeling one entire lot off and starting again for various reasons. Between total exhaustion from painting and filling downstairs and lack of good lighting it wasn’t until a week ago that I actually started laying in the colours.

I had a party here on Wednesday night, and true to form, I finished the glass painting about 2am on Wed morning….

Now the photos are not the greatest – I taped a torch in the cupboard for some light. Eventually I’ll get some LED strips and insert them around the door for a better backlight. Unfortunately where the cupboard sits, without backlighting they are barely visible designs.

2013DEC12 002

Ready for the big reveal? Here they are in their (poorly) lit glory.


Panel 1


Panel 2


Now to start filling the cupboard!

5 minute mantle

I’ve seen a lot of posts of some very intricate Christmas decorating on line. Lots of mantlepieces too, mostly a very different style to my 1950s modern house.  Most years I’m very into Christmas, but this year it just seems too hard. I did drag a few decorations out for a meeting last night so I thought I’d share my 2 minute mantle (or mantel if you’re American)


Yes, just a tangle of lime green tinsel with some silver,  teal blue and lime green balls and bells sitting on it.I love it, especially at night.


And absolutely no one who knows me is surprised it has lights in it (or that they have a remote control so I can turn them on before I get to the room 🙂

What’s your favourite piece of decorating this year?




Ready for Christmas

Yes, despite the searing heat today I was productive. I’m  ready for Christmas finally.

Well, okay, I’m  not really, but I do know where all  the decorations are this time. 2011 decorations were on the thin side for several  reasons, one of which  being I couldn’t get to  half the boxes and wasn’t sure where the rest were. Today I turned on the AC and spent several  hours  sorting and reboxing (because of course when  you  get a new cupboard none of the old boxes will  fit –  it’s a law right?) box after box of decorations. End result –  one  reflex box of decorations to charity, one  to the craft cupboard. 2 large plastic tubs of lights to  the shedlet. And one new cupboard chock full  of decorations.

Ta Da!

Even  the door wreaths fitted, which I really didn’t think would happen.  This is amazing because it now frees up  the top  of a few wardrobes. And… next Xmas I won’t need a stepladder to  get to the decorations!

Not bad for a garage sale cupboard 🙂 I love that it’s not  white melamine!

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