Dream house, dream life, yeah right. Dream on…

No man is an island

Mostly I enjoy living alone.  There are however occasions when it, quite frankly sucks:

  • No one to hold/lift/steady/straighten or brace the piece of timber I’m trying to  put up or pull  down.
  • No one to hold the ladder or hand up the light globe.
  • No one to go buy take away or just toast a sandwich when I’m too tired to even crawl into the kitchen.
  • No one to bounce decorating ideas off. (Of course that also means no one to  disagree with my plan to put an island in the kitchen and shelve the hall…)
  • No one to mow the lawn while I build 😉

Mostly though, there is no one to ask the really important questions of, like, ‘If you were my label machine, where would I have put you?’




Comments on: "No man is an island" (10)

  1. Ah, label machines! I lost mine a year ago. I know it is in a box which could be in one of the three sheds, could be hiding somewhere in my office or it could be in one of the boxes on the garage shelves or even in one of the boxes in the covered in space over the garage. I KNOW I have not thrown it out – I just wouldn’t do that – so it has to be somewhere. When I find it I will let you know and that might help you to find yours.

    • I just bought new tape for mine- so before it has been missing a year I will buy a new one, bring it home, put it away and find the old one… and so the wheel turns.

  2. Hi,
    True but I think there are good and bad points for either situation. 😀

  3. Ha! If I had a label machine, it would either be with my office supplies or sitting on a bookshelf in front of the Harry Potter series. Perhaps that will help you find yours.

  4. Living alone is not a problem until the label machine yodels “Yoo Hoo! Over here! Over here!”
    Then you know it’s time to phone a friend 🙂

    • So if I phone you and tell you my label machine is singing at me, will you tell me where it is so I can kill it?

      • Just follow the singing sounds till you unearth it………btw, how do you plan on “killing” it – perhaps loading it up with tape and forcing it to print labels like “Yodelling is not singing” or “I will stay in plain sight”……

  5. Lol label machine lost? How exactly does one of those get lost? I mean I cant imagine it travels far…unless it has grown legs…then you really shouldnt be living alone…

  6. Apparently my label machine is having an affair. I found the label machine snuggled up to my laminator in a drawer clearly marked ‘laminator’.

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