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Am I the only one?

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this?

Last week I prepared food in case some friends were able to drop by while they were in the city. Life happened and they weren’t able to come. So I rang around and invited 7 people for dinner the next night. I only had to  slice some meat and throw some herbs into  the butter for the garlic bread to  be ready. So, I looked at the table and decided I wanted to use my new table runner that matches my  new  blue walls. I needed a centrepiece though.

I saw  something on Pinterest (follow me here) that I loved (of course now I want to show you I can’t find it). It was a tall straight glass filled with water and a sprig of baby’s breath with a floating candle on top. Sort of like these:

Since my table is a bit on the narrow side, and would be crowded with 8 place settings several of these in a line down the centre would be great. Just a couple of problems. I didn’t have any tall straight glasses that suited, I didn’t have any baby’s breath (or Singapore orchids). Oh and I also didn’t have any floating candles. So, with 8 hours until guests arrived I went shopping. The Reject Shop was the only place with cheap straight glasses – 3 for $2. Of course that was about the fifth place I went. Then I discovered something interesting. Apparently there is an unspoken ban on floating candles in Hobart. I finally found some, but it took several  trips across town and out to various shopping centres. Of course they were larger than the glasses I bought that morning. (Of course they were!) As a last resort I tried the Salvos for some wine glasses so I could do this instead. Wine glass votives.  I not only picked up some nice wine glasses (which was good since I actually didn’t own any) but some gorgeous parfait glasses.

Raced home, turned on the oven, raced down to  pick some flowers, then tried to  get them to  sit in the glasses under the water.  The glasses werent’deep  enough  to  add stones to  hold them down, not narrow wnough  to  hold the sides – and quite frankly everything I tried looked like a bit of  broken flower drowning, not swimming. Next time I’ll  try actually  blu-tacking some ivy sprigs to the bottom before adding water, but in the race against time to  get  the table ready and the food ready before everyone arrived I tossed the flowers out and  decided to  dye the water instead. In amongst this I also  decided that 8 people around my  extension table really  wasn’t comfortable and decided to  pull  the fiddleback table out of the craft room and use that too. I was going to  make one long table, (which of course the table runner would not have fitted anyway) but then had a brain wave. For months I’ve been  drooling over a table I saw –  a sort of a country style wooden with simple ladderback chairs – but square seating 8. I’ve  told quite a few people of my  dream to put a square table in the living room, and almost everyone  has poo-poo-ed the idea. Oh, it will  take up  a lot of room, it will  stick out, it would be to big. I took  the extension out of the dining table and discovered my  two  tables are  only a few millimetres different in length. So I pushed them together.

TaDa, square table, plenty of room for chairs without having to  sit on the legs or  around corners. But hell, what to cover it with? We’ve always had oblong tables  which means a cupboard of oblong tablecloths. I pulled out a white damask cloth that I discovered when  clearing cupboards last year. I think it may have been one of Mum’s that was discarded as being too big, or tossed for the couple of  rust marks. It was probably put aside because Mum was going to cut it down to size and make serviettes or teatowels from it. The more likely reason I discovered, is that it was put out because it’s a bitch to iron.  So the teal blue silk runner has been discarded, the white cloth ironed and fitted,  the office chairs dragged into  service (must get some more dining chairs if I’m  going to  entertain), the pasta bake and quiche are in the oven,  the bench is covered with wet candles and newly washed glasses. I decide to throw some glass beads into the bottom of the candles and discovered that when I add water the glass colours up to match the walls. Yay, the mixing of food colours to try and get the right blue can wait till another day.

I was still  buttering bread when people arrived and  someone else sliced the tomatoes (fresh out of the garden), and the meat, and someone watched the bread under the grill. But hey, when people are invited for free leftovers they have to expect to work for it *grin* It was a great evening, and the square table worked so much better than long one. So, dinner party – 10 minutes work, centrepiece, 6 hours+. I’m not the only one who does this am I?

What do you think, can the room cope with a square table?


Comments on: "Am I the only one?" (5)

  1. I like the square table…and you are NOT the only one who spent more time on decor than the dinner. Ask me how I know. 🙂

    • OMG I’m not alone? Please tell me, how do you know this astonishing piece of information? Do you have an inside source on crazy people’s dinner preparations? 😉

  2. Yes I liked the square table. Perhaps you are not the only one, but then I really don’t know many single, unattached females (other than students and they don’t count) with their own house, so I really can’t comment. But it’s like something my wife and I would do many years ago but Glasgow was a big city and much easier to get things so probably wouldn’t have had to spend so much time looking.

    • I think that’s what gets me most – how anything you want in Hobart you have to buy before you need it because it won’t be in stock or available at all when you need it. Plus the fact that I have a cupboard full of vases and floral art stuff and decor stuff – you’d rally think I could have pulled off a centrepiece without leaving the house, but I wanted something different. Not that any of the people attending would have seen any of my previous decor either. Perfectionist + insanity = me 😉

  3. I love the square table!! Never thought of it before, but that would fit nicely in my breakfast room. I may have to look into that since my chairs are just about worn out, and I need new ones anyway. I know round tables offer more seating space than a rectangle table, and it doesn’t have to be a large round table either to get 6 chairs around it.

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