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The trek for water

So, the question is, ‘how far am I willing to  walk for fresh water?’ The water here in Tasmania is generally lovely. However a few years ago I caught  giardia while  only drinking tap water. Over the years the taste of our tap water has changed too,  so for years I’ve been using  a water filter. A jug to begin with, then for the last couple of years a benchtop cooler filter.  I seemed to spend more time filling both of them than drinking it, even when it was only me drinking it (I’ve never had a problem drinking my  8 glasses a day). Then a few months ago I noticed the benchtop cooler had a lot of algae in the inner  fridge tank –  where even a pipe cleaner couldn’t shift it. They are all built so you can’t clean the inner  storage area –  insane. So  I tossed it. I finally got around to  ordering a PSI underbench filter. I could install it myself the seller told me-  easy, all  the instructions come with it.

So, add a tap to the sink – shouldn’t be that hard. I knew just where I wanted it, opposite the existing tap (double drainer single sink). Except when I started rummaging under the snk, there’s a built in part of the cupboard there. I could cut out a bit of cupboard and put it in blind up  behind the sink…  I think. Or I could put it  in the laundry. In the laundry I’d only be cutting through  laminex and chipboard, not stainless steel (so I could return unopened the $58 drill bit I had to  get to cut the sink!) The area I would put it is open to  view, the filter can mount on the back wall without  having to move much…All I have to  do  is get over the stupid aversion to  drinking from the laundry tap –  which dates back to when we first moved in and the laundry taps were old ones that didn’t even have filters on them, on old pipes –  we were told not to drink from them. Those taps and pipes are long gone. In fact when Mum and I redid the kitchen (did I mention the laundry is at one end of the kitchen?) we replaced the old metal  trough with  a circular sink and a mixer tap. It has often been used as the ‘bar’ when entertaining.

So, am I willing to  walk from the kitchen sink (where the glasses are) to the other end of the kitchen (right by the fridge actually) for  filtered water, or am I going to try to pull apart a cupboard that could be used as a nuclear shelter?



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  1. My money’s on cupboard.

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