Dream house, dream life, yeah right. Dream on…

Small things, big geek

Smiles are rarer  at present –  I got the electrician’s bill  today…, the only  person interested in a roomshare doesn’t want the room until March, the holidays are half over and I still  haven’t got anywhere with  my renovations. But I’m  sitting here grinning right now. My inner geek is ecstatic tonight.

In The Library I showed my cool colour changing lampshade. This lamp has become a regular part of my  night. When I get up  from the computer at night and turn off the desk lamp I then had to feel my way across the room in the dark to  the nearest light switch, which is for the study… then walk up  the dark hall to  turn on the light, then back down it to the bathroom, then back to turn off the study light, then… a lot of walking in circles. A few weeks ago I picked up some Kambrook remote controlled power switches to eliminate standby power drain (because every powerpoint in this place is virtually inaccessible once it is in use.) One of the remote switches in the hall, and a remote sitting on the desk and suddenly I can turn on the hall light before I leave the study and turn it off from the bedroom door before I go in. Then in the morning I just need to remember to drop the remote back in the study. I’ve also put a switch on all  the salon power eaters – fan, light, drill UVs etc, one click and they are all off. But the thing that is making me smile is today I moved a few things around and  discovered a spare lamp which I moved into the bedroom, with another switch. And I just discovered that I can turn it on through the wall from the desk in the study. The ultimate in geeky laziness. *Grin*


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