Dream house, dream life, yeah right. Dream on…

Over it

You know you are tired when you stand at the fridge and think that getting the sausage roll out of the two bags it is sitting in to heat it is too much effort.

I am so over painting. Peeled the green tape off last night around the skirtings etc in the lounge. Might as well have not put it there- in fact I’m sure I could have done a better edge to the skirtings with a brush AND it has peeled off a lot of the varnish (both new and old). So now I have to revarnish as well as try and clean up the edges.

So sick of painting and not even half way (on these 2.5 rooms) yet, then there is the living room, then the windows, the kitchen, the outside, then the sunroom… there is no light at the end of the tunnel because the tunnel has turned into a Harbour Bridge – by the time I finish painting it will be time to start again!


Comments on: "Over it" (2)

  1. therealmother said:

    awwwww love!!!!! I feel your pain xx

  2. Sounds like time to sharpen the axe… take a weekend away from it all… look after yourself!

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